Welcome to my Print Pricing details page.  Here you will find the different prices we offer for our professional prints as well as details of the prints. All of our prints are printed on Fuji Professional  Lustre/Metallic paper. At the current time we offer two types of paper quality-Lustre and Metallic.   What is the difference between the two?

Lustre Prints

It is our most popular print option at the current time.  Lustre photo prints ensure that your photos look their best and provides the perfect finish providing excellent quality without the added glare of glossy. Lustre prints add a true to life skin tones that you will not be able to find at your local photo developing center.  Lustre prints also add enhanced highlight and shadow detail for an amazing print quality.

Metallic Prints

This is by far one of the better print option that is slowly growing popularity.  The metallic print you will not be able to find at your local photo processing store. This particular paper type has added a completely unique dimension for photographic output. With its glossy finish and metallic appearance it creates images that are described as “Chrome on Paper” while at the same time adding depth vibrant color and flattering flesh tones. Metallic prints provide a bold rich blacks for better contrast and strong bright colors; especially greens blues yellows and cyans.
 If you do not see a print size that you are interested in please ask.  Most likely we offer it as well.
Lustre Finish
8 Mini Wallets - $ 9.00
4x6 - $ 7.00
5x7 - $ 9.00
8x10 - $ 15.00
10x13 - $ 22.00
11x14 - $ 30.00
16x20 - $ 70.00
16x24 - $ 105.00
20x30 - $ 140.00
24x30 - S 150.00
30x40 - $ 200.00
Kodak Professional
Metallic Finish
8 Mini Wallets - $ 11.00
4x6 - $ 9.00
5x7 - $ 12.00
8x10 - $ 18.00
10x13 - $ 25.00
11x14 - $ 35.00
16x20 - $ 85.00
16x24 - $ 120.00
20x30 - $ 160.00
24x30 - S 175.00
30x40 - $ 225.00
Kodak Professional